Learn how to add a new ticket type to your event.

1) Add a new ticket:

Click Manage Event on the event card in your Studio dashboard and select Ticket Types on the left navigation bar. Click the blue Add Ticket Type button in the top right to add a new ticket.

2) Basics:

A) Ticket Name: the name of the ticket that will display on the event page, i.e. VIP Single Day.

B) Sale Type: use the drop-down menu to select either Online, Door, Add-On, or Private as a sale type.

  • Online: tickets sold online; viewable on the event page to anyone.
  • Door: tickets sold in person through the Tixr Door app; only viewable on the Tixr Door app.
  • Add-On: tickets that are offered during checkout as an add-on option, i.e. a parking pass or a merchandise item that would pop up after an admission ticket is selected. 
  • Private: a private ticket type that does not appear on your event page and is only accessible with a private link. More on private links here.

C) Ticket Sale Category: choose the sale category of this ticket type. Sale categories will show on the PDF ticket.

Please note: it is important to assign the correct sale category to tickets for easier filtering in reporting.

D) Start Date: the date and time that this ticket will go on sale. Events can be published before ticket sales actually go live.

E) End Date: the date and time that this ticket will go off sale. 

F) Inventory Type: choose between ticket inventory and pool inventory. Ticket inventory sets a single inventory for this ticket type. Pool inventory assigns this ticket's inventory to a pool, enabling multiple ticket types to share a single inventory.

Pool tier behavior:

Overall pool: the tier rules check against the total sold in the pool.

This ticket's count: the tier rules check against its own tickets sold.

G) Ticket Inventory: the total number of tickets available for this ticket type.

H) Tax: if applicable, select the tax rate for this ticket type. Taxes are set at the ticket level and must be added to every individual ticket if you are charging tax on every ticket type. If a tax rate is not available from the drop-down menu, please contact your client success manager or clientsupport@tixr.com with the desired rate calculation type (off-base price or all-in ticket price).

Please note: it is advisable to consult your tax advisor for advice on whether or not you should be charging tax, and at which rate.


I) Base Price: the base price of the ticket, not including taxes or ticket fees. If your event is set to itemized pricing (fees are broken out at checkout), then this is the price that will display on the event page. Click in the price field to see a breakdown of fees, based on the price entered.

J) All-In Price: the all-in price of the ticket (base + taxes + fees). This is the total price that will be displayed at checkout if using itemized pricing. If using all-in pricing, this will be the price on the event page, as well as at checkout (one single, all-inclusive price). If a price is entered in the base price field, it will automatically calculate and populate the all-in price field, and vice versa.


K) Delivery: choose how the ticket is delivered to the fan.

  • Electronic: PDF tickets with QR codes will be delivered via email (recommended). When the electronic delivery method is selected, you will also have the option to select shipping as an additional delivery method. Shipping as an additional option allows you to charge a shipping fee if you will be mailing extra items to the fan. Electronic delivery allows you the option to either send tickets immediately via email or at a later, scheduled time. You can also choose to send only a digital QR code, or a digital QR code plus PDF ticket. For scheduled delivery of electronic tickets with a digital QR code plus PDF, we recommend scheduling the delivery of the tickets no later than twenty-four hours before the event's start time.

    Please note: if the delivery type is changed, it will not affect existing orders. However, if any of the scheduled delivery settings such as delivery schedule, delivery date, and electronic type are changed, all of the existing orders will respect the updated settings only if the delivery type of that order/ticket supports scheduled delivery (i.e. electronic). For instance, if the order had will call as a delivery type, and the corresponding sale changed its delivery type from will call to electronic + future delivery in a month, the existing will call order would ignore any changes to the scheduled delivery settings of the sale.

    Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 1.07.49 PMScreenshot 2023-02-02 at 1.05.55 PM
  • Shipping*: select this option if you will be printing tickets to send via mail to fans. If shipping is set as the delivery method for the ticket, you will have the option to set a flat shipping fee, and whether or not that fee is on a per-ticket or per-order basis.
  • Will Call: the confirmation email will instruct fans to pick up tickets at will call.
  • Third-Party: the confirmation email will instruct fans that tickets will be delivered by a third party, i.e. if you are only selling fan club tickets to an event, and the organizer selling the rest of the tickets will be sending all physical tickets out to fans.
  • No Delivery: the fan will receive an email confirmation, but no PDF ticket will be attached.

*Please note: Tixr does not offer ticket printing. If you would like some recommendations on third-party ticket printing services, please contact your client success manager or email clientsupport@tixr.com.

3) Add tags:

Tags are used as a way for you to query and search your tickets across events. For instance, if you have created a VIP ticket type and added the tag "VIP" to that ticket type, you will then be able to filter for all of your ticket types with that tag in your sales reports. More information on sales reports here.

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