The Detailed Audit Report provides a snapshot of revenue earned from each event to share with bands, promoters, and/or other relevant event stakeholders. This report will give a detailed summary of the accounting details of each event in the format requested. This report can be downloaded as a PDF or CSV file.

When do you use the Detailed Audit Report?

Example 1: You are settling an event with an artist's manager, and you only want them to see financial information related to the base ticket price, not your fees.

How to manage the Detailed Audit Report in Studio

The Detailed Audit Report is a setting that must be enabled for your group. If you would like to utilize this feature but don't see it in the Analytics portion of your event, please contact your Client Success Manager or

1) Navigate to the Audit Report: In Studio, under the Analytics menu heading, select Audit.

In the Audit report, the Summary view simply provides you with a snapshot of each of your ticket types, their categories, and their base prices.

The Detailed view provides you with specific information pertaining to each ticket type, including tier names and canceled tickets.

2) Filter the audit (as needed): If you need to add or remove certain types of sale items or ticket categories from your audit, you can do this by clicking on Filter. Please note that you can only generate audits for one event at a time.

3) Download the audit: Click Download and select either CSV or PDF. Your exported report will be ready for you to download to your computer when you see a red dot on your Studio inbox icon.

Please note: The Audit report is the only report in Studio where the term "gross" actually refers to net sales. The reason for this is because this report is intended to be shared with external stakeholders such as promoters and artist management, and is not meant to include things like lifts and client fees. See additional information about labels in the Audit report here.