If you have a mobile printer, you can connect it to the device settings (connects via Bluetooth) and use it to print tickets and receipts for attendees. 

Connecting your MP34 Mobile Printer:

Step 1: Fully Charge the printer

You can charge the battery with the approved AC adapter cables provided with your printer.

1.  Ensure the printer is turned off and not turned on when charging the battery.

2. Open the DC jack cover, and then connect the jack to the printer.

3. Plug the power cord into an appropriate power source.

Red- Printer is charging.

Solid Green- Charging is complete.

Blinking Green- Printer is not charging properly.

Step 2: Installing a Standard Paper Roll

1. To install a standard paper roll, press down the Advance Manual Cutter (AMC) button on top of the printer.

    •AMC button down opens the cover for you to clean the printer head, replace paper, or fix a paper jam.

    •AMC button up allows you to cut paper.

2. Remove the empty paper core.

3. Insert a new paper roll so it unrolls from the bottom easily.

4. Once the paper is in place, pull out a short length of it, close the printer cover, and then press the AMC button again to raise it up. You can then cut the extra paper.

5. Close the cover with both hands.

Step 3: Connect Peripherals

Look for the serial ID on the printer (it is located underneath the battery) and make note of serial ID.  Replace the battery.  Press the power button on the printer.  Status light on printer will blink and display also shows battery level. Go to Device settings on iPod (scanner) or iPad (POS) and tap on Bluetooth.  Find the serial ID of printer and tap to connect.  

Step 4: Log into the Tixr Door or Studio GO app

Once the printer is connected via Bluetooth in the device settings, you can log into the Tixr Door or StudioGO app(s).  When selling tickets in the Door app, you can print tickets as you sell them.  If you do not see a print icon in the Door app, please reach out to Tixr as this is a feature setting.  You can also print receipts in Door.  You can use the mobile printers in the StudioGO app to reprint ticket orders or reprint receipts.

Troubleshooting steps:

The printer isn't charging:

Ensure you are using the a/c adapter and cord to charge the device.  Do not use the USB input (the USB connection is to connect the printer

The tickets or receipts are not printing:

Ensure the printer is connected in the device settings.  Check the paper level or check for paper jams by pressing the Advanced Manual Cutter (AMC) down to open the door.