If you do not see the option to add Price Levels in your group, please reach out to your Client Success Manager or clientsupport@tixr.com. 

Create New Price Level Options 

1) Create Price Levels at the Group Level: You'll access this under the Systems menu (Systems > Price Levels). Here, you can view previously created Price Level options for your group and create new Price Level options which any event ticket type may select from and use. You can view Active Price Levels, as well as Archived ones. 

2) Create new price level options by clicking the blue "Add New Price Level" button

3) When "Add New Price Level" is clicked, users can:

A) Enter a Price Level option name into the text box displayed. 

B) Set a Tickets Per Sale Override for that price level. This setting overrides the tickets per sale setting in a ticket type where Price Levels are being used.

C) Set fan name change behavior. This allows you to set specific name change rules on an individual Price Level basis.

Once "Save" is clicked, the new Price Level option will be listed amongst the choices an event ticket type can select from and use when Price Levels is enabled for a ticket. 

4) Edit or Archive Price Level Options Created 

- Edit: Users can edit the name of a Price Level option previously created.

- Archive: When users archive a Price Level option, that option will no longer be available when configuring ticket types that have Price Levels enabled. Existing tickets that use a Price Level option that's been archived are not affected.


5) Enable Price Levels for Your Ticket

Now that Price Levels are enabled for your group and Price Level options have been created, you can now selectively choose which tickets within your events you would like to apply Price Levels. 

When setting up or editing a ticket for your event, under Basics > Pricing, toggle "Price Levels" ON to enable Price Levels for this ticket.

 You cannot turn Price Levels off for a ticket after a ticket has been sold.

6) Select Price Levels Options to Apply to Your Ticket 

After enabling Price Levels for your ticket, users can choose which Price Level options to apply and create prices for them accordingly. From here, proceed to the rest of your ticket settings and click "Apply".

PLEASE NOTE: Once a sale has occurred for a Price Level option, Price Levels can no longer be disabled for the ticket.

7) Selecting an Advertised Price

When selecting your Price Level option (i.e. Military), users can set an advertised price to display when customers are selecting Price Level tickets for checkout. The advertised price is used in cases where a price range is not supported.

8) Synchronizing Tiers with Price Levels

If there are existing tiers for tickets and the user changes the pricing configuration of the default tier, the user will be notified that they need to synchronize the tiers via the following message: "Pricing configuration has changed. Tier pricing must be synchronized to match."

Users must click "Synchronize" so that new pricing is updated across the relevant tiers and Price Levels.

9) Publish

Please publish all changes made for creating Price Levels for your event. Once published, users can now choose Price Level options created in the ticket picker for checkout.