When logged into your Tixr account, you can send Fan Transfer offers, cancel offered tickets that have not been accepted by the recipient, return accepted transfers, and view details of your accepted Fan Transfers.


My Events > Tickets: If logged into your Tixr account, when viewing your tickets (MY EVENTS > TICKETS), events that have Fan Transfers enabled will have a Manage Transfers button within the event card.

Click the Manage Transfers Button: When the Manage Transfers button is clicked, users can select which ticket(s) from the event they would like to send a Fan Transfer offer (1A). Please note that the delivery method of each ticket (E-Ticket, Will Call, No Delivery) is labeled under the ticket name (1B). 

Enter Email Address of the Recipient: Once the transferrable tickets are selected, you must enter your recipient's email address. Please note that if the recipient does not have a Tixr account, the recipient must create an account and accept the offer before the transfer is completed.


Canceling a Fan Transfer Offer: Once the transfer offer is sent, you can click on the event card to see all the recipients a Fan Transfer offer was sent to (MY EVENTS > TICKETS > EVENT CARD > TRANSFERS > RECIPIENTS). After clicking Recipients, users can click CANCEL (2A) to cancel a Fan Transfer offer that has not been accepted by the recipient.

Canceled Offer: Once the Fan Transfer offer has been canceled, a red canceled ticket icon will appear to indicate the offer is canceled and no longer valid. Also, the email address of the intended recipient will now appear in red (2B). 

Returning Transfers

Manage Order or My Transfers: After accepting a transfer offer, you can return transferred tickets by either clicking the Return button when managing orders in the event card (MY EVENTS > MANAGE ORDER > RETURN) or when managing transfers on the My Transfers page (MY TRANSFERS > RETURN). Once the Return Item button is clicked, you must confirm you would like to proceed with returning your ticket item. Once confirmed, the original purchaser will receive an email detailing that the originally accepted ticket has now been returned.

Please note: Once returned, you will no longer have access to the returned ticket when logging back into Tixr.

Viewing Transfers

My Transfers: When logged into your Tixr account, you can view the ticket details of your accepted transfers by going to My Transfers.

Transfer Details Card: When you click on one of your transfers displayed in My Transfers, a card will appear with the following details - Event Name, Event Date, Transfer Date, Transfer ID, Transfer Status, Delivery Method, and Delivery Details.

Please note: The transfer details section is not the ticket. A price is not displayed in the transfer details because the recipient is not the original purchaser of the ticket.