Fan Transfers is a feature that allows you to transfer (send) tickets digitally to another person. If your tickets are eligible for transfer, you can send them to friends or family members from your Tixr account.

If you are a Fan Transfer recipient, meaning someone you know and trust is transferring their tickets to you, you will be able to accept them in your Tixr account. Once the transfer offer is accepted by the recipient, the original purchaser is no longer the owner of the ticket(s). In the instance that the recipient wishes to return an accepted offer back to the original purchaser, this can be done directly from your Tixr account. 

When do you use Fan Transfers?
Example 1: You have an account with Tixr and your event allows tickets to be transferred. You have purchased tickets enabled with Fan Transfers and you would like to offer your ticket(s) to someone else. 

Example 2: You would like to receive a Fan Transfer offer from the original purchaser so you can accept the transfer and attend the event. As the new owner of the transferred ticket, you have the ability to return the accepted transfer back to the original purchaser. 

Example 3: You would like to cancel a Fan Transfer that has been offered but not yet accepted by the recipient. Canceling the transfer offer will nullify the offer for the recipient.  

How to manage Fan Transfers in Studio

Fan Transfers is a setting that must be enabled for your group. If you would like to utilize this feature but don't see the option to enable it on your event, please contact your Client Success Manager or When Fan Transfers is enabled for your group and event, you can accept, decline, or cancel Fan Transfers directly from Studio. 

1) Enable Fan Transfers for your Ticket: Now that Fan Transfers is enabled for your group, you can manage the fan transfer event-level setting for your selected events. When setting up or editing a ticket for your event under Settings > Permissions, toggle "Fan Transfers" ON to enable Fan Transfers for this ticket.

2) Manage Transfers: Once Fan Transfer tickets have been offered to a recipient by the original purchaser, Studio users can view and manage all Fan Transfers under Audience > Records > Fan Transfers.

Studio users can see the status of a Fan Transfer offer in Audience > Records > Fan Transfers.

A) ACCEPT, DECLINE, CANCEL, RETURNED: Studio users with appropriate permissions can accept, decline, cancel, or return fan transfers on behalf of the original purchaser and recipient by using the ACCEPT, DECLINE, CANCEL, or RETURN action buttons in Studio.

PLEASE NOTE: Studio users cannot accept or decline a Fan Transfer offer on behalf of the fan (recipient) if the fan has yet to create an account on

B) OFFERED: This status is displayed for the period of a transfer being sent but not yet accepted.

C) CANCELED: This status is displayed for a canceled Fan Transfer offer. The Fan Transfer offer will no longer be valid when the original purchaser cancels.

D) ACCEPTED: This status is displayed for a recipient who accepted the Fan Transfer. The original purchaser will no longer be able to enter events with the transferred ticket.

E) DECLINED: This status is displayed for a recipient who declined a Fan Transfer offer. Please note that the recipient does not need to have a Tixr account to decline as the recipient can simply decline from the transfer offer email received. The ticket of the original purchaser will no longer be transferred when declined. The original purchaser retains ownership of the ticket when an offer is declined.

F) RETURNED: This status is displayed when a recipient accepted a Fan Transfer offer but then chose to return ownership of the transferred ticket back to the original purchaser. Please note: Once a Studio user returns an accepted transfer ticket on behalf of the recipient, ownership of the ticket no longer belongs to the recipient. Once returned, the recipient will no longer have access to the returned ticket when logging back into Tixr.

3) Viewing transfer details: Studio users can see the following details - Order ID of the original ticket, Transfer ID, date the transfer was offered, email and name of the original purchaser, and email of the recipient.