Fan Support is available 7 days a week from 7:30am PT -  6pm PT. 

Tixr Fan Support will assist with the following inquiries:

  • Tixr customer account support - update names/emails/passwords

  • Purchasing help

  • Update shipping addresses (sans custom forms)

  • Resend tickets

  • *Refund/exchange/cancel tickets (*if policies are provided prior to on sale)

  • Reissue/Comp tickets (case by case basis)

  • Create promo codes/private links (case by case basis)

  • Process payment plans for past due orders 

  • Provide Acquirer reference numbers for refunded orders

  • Assistance with error messages - card declines, login errors

  • Rewards assistance (Fan Side) 

  • Waitlist assistance (Fan Side) 

  • Chargeback assistance 

Tixr Fan Support DOES NOT assist with event-related inquiries such as:

  • Provide event information or details that cannot be found on the event page 

  • Provide shipping information or details not pertaining to the update of shipping addresses

  • Explain differences between ticket types/offers if not provided on the event page

  • Provide ADA details regarding the event/venue

  • Provide venue information if not listed on the event page

  • Provide cancelation/event change details on behalf of the organizer before direct customer communication or public announcement

Tixr Fan Support monitors and responds using the following channels: 

  • Via email using (preferred) or

    • Full assistance provided

  • Via Facebook message via Tixr on Facebook

    • Full assistance provided

  • @Tixr on Twitter 

    • Fan will be directed to our support channel. No detailed assistance provided.

Tixr Fan Support will not respond directly to the following channels: 

  • Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram comments

  • Instagram DMs

  • Phone

    • No phone support available or phone number provided.

If you have any questions regarding Tixr Fan Support or would like additional details regarding assistance please contact Tixr’s Fan Support manager at