The Tixr Fan Support team provides one on one support to fans to guarantee the best ticketing experience. Fan Support will only provide support for Tixr or ticket-related inquiries. Tixr Fan Support will not provide assistance with event or venue-related questions. For a full scope of Fan Support assistance please utilize the support article found HERE.


In order to utilize Tixr's Fan Support, event policies and information are required prior to your projected on-sale date. If you have not already filled out the Tixr Fan Support Opt-In Form you can do so HERE.


Failure to provide the information in the form prior to your on-sale date will result in being opted-out of Tixr Fan Support. Inquiries will be automatically forwarded to your event’s support email or event page/website and no additional support will be provided.

-For event-related inquiries, we urge you to create an individual support email in regards to your event or provide an easy to find FAQ on your event page/website. 


-Any event inquiries not related to ticketing sent to Tixr Fan Support will be forwarded to your event’s support email. If a support email is not provided to our Support Team, the fan will be automatically redirected to your event page/website.


Cancellations/Event Updates: 


In the event of a cancellation or event-related update where customers will be notified directly- Please contact Tixr Fan Support prior to any public announcement by emailing Emily Berke (Fan Support Manager) at or 

If refunds/exchanges are approved in regards to a cancellation or update please specify the policies you would like relayed by Tixr Fan Support. 


Fan inquiries received regarding cancellations or event updates without first notifying Tixr Fan Support will be directed back to your event’s support email. 


We always recommend that customer communication come directly from the event organizer to ensure better open rates. For special circumstances, Tixr will be able to provide assistance with notifying customers of cancellations or updates. Please reach out to your CSM directly for additional help.


Chargeback/Dispute Assistance: 

If you are on Tixr's Stripe account, chargebacks will be handled automatically by our Fan Support Team. 


If you are on your own Stripe account and would like assistance with disputes, please reach out to your CSM on how to opt into chargeback assistance. 

Information provided to fight chargebacks include order receipt, customer information, purchasing process, and terms/policies. Our Fan Support Team may reach out for additional information or documentation (if applicable) for large orders such as VIP tables, travel packages, etc. 


If you would like to be notified when chargebacks are opened, please reach out to your CSM to turn on notifications. If there are any policies or procedures you would like to put in place regarding chargebacks/disputes please contact