The Price Levels feature allows Studio users to customize a single ticket type to have different price points based on a custom type of criteria. Common criteria include Adult and Child ticket prices; where the same seat or general admission ticket has a different price point based on the age of the patron.

Price Levels can also be used to categorize status, the number of guests, or organizational affiliations (AAA, Military, etc).  

Once created, any Price Level option can be enabled for any ticket type. 

When Price Level is turned ON, fans can now select via the ticket picker, the different price level tickets created and add each price level ticket to the cart for checkout. Fans will see a range displayed when selecting tickets from the ticket picker (i.e. "$10-$15") when the price levels created vary in price point (i.e. Senior ticket is $15 and a Child ticket is $10). 

For Studio Users, when using Price Levels (Price Levels is turned ON), several other features are compatible with Price Levels and will display Price Levels. 

    > Users can transfer tickets that have Price Levels

    > Users can select tickets that have Price Levels for comping and reissuing 

    > Fans can place Waitlist Orders with Price Levels  

    > Fans selecting seats for reservation can also select the Price Levels of those seats 

Example 1: Adult + Child Tickets - Studio users can create price levels "Adult" and "Child" for TICKET A. This creates two new tickets for the same ticket type at different price points in which an adult ticket can be created for $20 and a child ticket created for $10 for TICKET A. Fans can then select combinations of each ticket type (i.e. x2 Adult and x1 Child) to add to cart.

Users have the ability to create custom price level options for tickets as needed to differentiate price points.