Keep track of tickets that have been transferred 

1) Access Fan Transfers by clicking on Records in the Audience tab in the left navigation bar. Then click on Fan Transfers at the bottom of the Records module. 

2) Use the Fan Transfers module to view details of all transfer occurrences between the original purchaser and transfer recipient. When the original purchaser offers a fan transfer, the ticket(s) can either be accepted or declined by the recipient. Studio users can also cancel a fan transfer that has been offered but not yet accepted by the transfer recipient. 

A) The ORDER ID of the original ticket is displayed. 

B) The date of the fan transfer and TRANSFER ID is displayed. 

C) The email of the original purchaser is displayed. 

D) The email of the transfer recipient (new ticket owner once the fan transfer is accepted) is displayed. 

E) The status of the fan transfer is displayed in this column as ACCEPTED, CANCELED, REFUNDED, or DECLINED. 

f) Download CSV/PDF detailing all fan transfer tickets.