What is Printful: Printful is an on-demand printing and fulfillment company. TIXR uses Printful to automate the creation of a Printful order when a merchandise item is purchased in TIXR.

Use Case: We can automate the creation of a Printful order when a merch item is purchased in Tixr.

Add the Printful merchandise products to Studio

  1. Each merchandise product that is going to be sold in TIXR must first be added to Printful.
  2. Create a new add-on ticket in Tixr (Add Ticket Type > Basics > Sale Type > Add-on) to match a merchandise product in Printful.
  3. Under Delivery, set the Delivery Options to Shipping and add a flat shipping fee (optional).
    • Important: the ticket must be set to shipping, otherwise the integration will not work.
  4. Add the item's Printful variant ID number without the '#' to the Settings > Integration > Metadata section in the corresponding Tixr add-on ticket. 
    • To find the variant ID in Printful, open your store under Stores. Click on a specific product to open it. You’ll see the variant ID underneath the product name.
  5. In Behaviors, select the ticket type(s) the add-on should be available to (if all, toggle on 'Available for purchase with any ticket')
  6. Repeat steps 2-4 for each merch product in Printful that should be available in the Tixr event.

Generate the API client key in Printful and set up the webhook in Studio

  1. Generate a client key in Printful in Settings > Stores > API > Select the store you would like to connect > Click the Enable API Access button
  2. Add your client key to the following URL: https://studio.tixr.com/webhooks/tixr/printful/{clientApiKey}?isConfirmed=true
  3. To configure the webhook in Studio, in your group go to System > Notifications. If Notifications doesn't appear, please reach out to your Client Success Manager to enable.
  4.  In Basics, name your webhook 'Prinftul' and Select 'Order' under Type
  5. Add the two following  conditions:
    1. If the order has a ticket in any of the following categories: Merchandise
    2. If the order transaction is any of the following: Purchase

  6. Create a new webhook channel and paste the client key URL above in the Payload URL field and click Save.
  7. Make a $0 test purchase to confirm the integration is working as expected.
  8. Once the steps above are configured correctly, an order will automatically be created in Printful when a merch item is purchased on that Tixr event.

Client To-Do List:

  • Each merchandise item that is going to be sold in TIXR must be added to Printful
  • Once those items have been added the client will need to build out each merchandise item in Studio and add in the appropriate variant ID under the tickets Integration > Metadata setting in the ticket build out.
  • Client will need to generate a client key in their Printful account and then configure a Webhook notification using the following URL https://studio.tixr.com/webhooks/tixr/printful/{clientApiKey}?isConfirmed=true
  • Notifications and Metadata need to be configured correctly in Studio in order for the integration to work properly