This comprehensive list includes all assets and information needed to build your group and event in Studio

*All images must be under 1MB


Below is a list of assets required to create your Group Page. 

Group Name

All events will fall under your Group. This can be your company, venue, tour name, etc.

Domain Name

This will appear in your Tixr URL i.e.: We suggest making this as short as possible.

*Note: This is the one piece that cannot be changed once created.


The “About” section for your Group on Tixr.

The following images will appear on your Group page (


Group Logo:                                       300 x 300 (pixels)

Group Page Hero Logo:                     350 x 350 (pixels)

Group Background Image:                 1440 x 600 (pixels


Below are the assets needed to complete your Event Page:

Event Title

Event Date(s)

Event Start Time + End Time 

Event Description 

SEO-optimized description of your event. The character limit for this section is 10,000 characters. 


Tagged artists to appear on the event page and push your event out to syndication networks (ie: Songkick, Bandsintown)


Terms and conditions of sale/ purchase policy for your event. It is crucial to include specific language on your refund, exchange, and transfer policy. Include any other special instructions or information here. 

Confirmation (optional)

-Custom content to appear in the confirmation email and/or confirmation page at checkout.


-Name and address of the event venue(s). 

Reserved Seating

-If your event or venue is using Arena, Tixr's Reserved Seating solution, please make sure to send your seating manifest and any reference images to Your success rep will use this to build your default seating charts into your group for training.


-Support email and phone number for event. This can also default to Tixr’s Fan Support contact information. 

Support Policies

-Refunds? Exchanges? Name changes? Other?

Event Details

-Event Category (ie: Music Event, Festival, Social Event)

-Maximum number of tickets allowed per order

-Event Age Limit


-Name (i.e.: VIP All Access Pass)

-Sale type (Online, Door, Add-On)

-Ticket Category (GA, VIP, Camping, etc.)

-Sale start date and time- Sale end date and time

-Inventory Qty or Pool

-Base Price (price before taxes and Tixr fees)

-Additional Tax

-Delivery Option (electronic, shipping, or will call)

-Ticket Details (“more information” for each ticket)

-Ticket Limit (max number of this ticket type per order)

-Entry time (if different from event start time)


For each reward level:

-Points Required

-Message displayed on Rewards page

-Fulfillment (client or Tixr)

-If fulfilled by Tixr:

        Ticket or Order Discount?

        % Discount

        Max Reward Value (optional)

Payment Plan (if applicable)

-Required or Optional

-Last day to begin payment plan

-Full balance due date

-Down payment % (10-60% in increments of 5)

-Minimum order total to trigger payment plan

Collections (if applicable)

-Collection Name

-Short Summary (one line)

-Collection Description

-Collection Image- 324 x 170 (pixels)

Waitlist (if applicable)

-Enable Waitlist for all ticket types?

-Same ticket delivery method (ie: electronic, shipping, will call)?

-Maximum number of Waitlist orders (limit not necessary)

-Default number of days before event that Waitlist will expire (usually set to 2 days before start of event

The following images will appear on your Event page and confirmation page/email:


Event Flyer:                            550 x 770 (pixels) 

Shown on Web page when in Flyer View. Also appears on the Ticket and Confirmation.


Mobile Flyer:                           640 x 359 (pixels)

Shown on Web page when in Flyer View. Also appears on the Ticket and Confirmation.


Desktop Background Image:  1600 x 1000 (pixels)

Background image on Webpage when viewed from a desktop


Mobile Background Image:    640 x 720 (pixels)

Background image on Webpage when viewed from mobile


Event Logo:                            Transparent PNG Logo 400 x 200 (pixels)

Appears in various locations on the webpage depending on your layout view


Media Gallery:                        4+ high-resolution 600 x 600 images to showcase event

Appear below your description on the webpage


The following images will appear on your Ticket

*These are optional*

*Ticket Picker Thumbnail:                              165 x 100 (pixels)       

*More Info Background Image:                      1600 x 1000 (pixels) ((per ticket type))

*More Info Sale Gallery:                                 300 x 300 (pixels)

Below are the additional assets needed if you are having a virtual event

Production Software (OBS, Livestream Studio, Stream Yard, ect)

Media Provider (Livestream, Vimeo, Youtube etc.)

Media URL

This is the link to your video and can be found on your Media Provider page. 

I.e if you press "share" on your Vimeo video

Media ID  

*optional. It can assist in data tracking 

Media Availability Date

Date and time your video will be available to begin viewing 

Media Expiration Date

Date and time your video will no longer be available to begin viewing

Media Thumbnail (virtual events ONLY):       640 x 359 (pixels) ((per media ticket type))