Creating a Collection

1) Click into System

2) Click into Collections

3) Click Create New Collection

4) Fill out the Basics 

Name: The name of your collection. Examples: General Admission, VIP, Merchandise (1.)

Set: A way to categorize your collections for later use. Examples: Tixr Palooza 2020, Tixr Palooza 2021 

Summary: A secondary line of text to add context for your Collection. Example: T-Shirts & More! (2.)

Custom Behavior: Choose if you would like to hide your collection from the event page once it is sold out, or display the collection with a "Sold Out" status

5) Click to Design and add a Collection Image 

1. Collection Image

6) Add a description for your collection and click save in the top right corner

1. Description

Adding Collections to your event

1) Click Manage Event > Design. Make sure your event is set to Collection Layout

2) Click into Tickets and then select Collections

3) Select and add your Collections from the dropdown menu

4) Drag and drop tickets into the correct Collection

5) Publish your event to save your changes

Adding a Collection while in the middle of building an Event:

1. Once you have chosen the Collections layout under the design tab you can then create your collections by going to Tickets > Collections. By clicking the blue hyperlink that says "here", you can create collections one by one.