This article will show you how to configure your Livestream settings for a successful event. If you are using your own livestream enterprise account account, here is how to set it up. 

Login to your Livestream account and create a new event

Open your new event by clicking on the event in the menu

Click on the pencil icon to open the Editor. Now you can update your Livestream settings.

Event Details: Update the start and end time of your livestream, add a category, add an event description and add an event poster image

Privacy: Update your privacy settings to the following configuration

- Turn On: Hide my event from showing in discovery and search results on and livestream apps

- Turn On: Hide my event page on 

- Turn On: Allow Embedding 

- Turn On: Hide Livestream branding on embeds

URL Embed Restriction: Allow Specific URLS

Allowed URLs: please enter * 

Geo-Blocking: Do Not Restrict by Geo-location


- Turn On: Enable live chat on this event

- Turn On: Enable guest chat

- Do not allow comments on your post