Best Practices

Recommended production software:

Livestream Studio



Recommended media platforms





Google Hangouts


I don’t know how to produce a video.

No worries! We have trusted vendors we can connect you with.

I have a recorded video that I want to appear as a livestream, can we simply upload it?

In order for a video to appear as a livestream with live chat, the video still must be streamed using a streaming software like Livestream Studio. 

Can I bundle merch and a video in one ticket?

Yes, but you will need to collect shipping addresses using a custom form.

Can I bundle multiple shows in one ticket?

Yes, but only if you are not providing VOD after the show. The streaming information must be swapped out for each show.

I don’t want to purchase a Vimeo-Livestream or Premium account. How do I create my video?

You can leverage Tixr’s Vimeo-Livestream account for your events. You will still need to handle the production side, but we will provide you stream keys and RTMP URLs to push your stream to Tixr. 

Can I have a live chat?

Yes! Both Vimeo & YouTube will support live chat. You can view chat help articles for each below:

*Note that when embedding a live chat URL into Tixr, your domain name will be to preview it, but when you publish it for fans to access

Vimeo - Live Chat Help Article

YouTube - Live Chat Help Article

Can I moderate my live chat?

Only if you are using your own Vimeo, Vimeo-Livestream, or Youtube account.

*Note that YouTube chat does not support mobile

What kind of audiences can I reach?

One to Many (1 talent to many fans live stream with chat, Q&A, polling)

Few to Many (A few talent to many fans live stream)

One to Few (1, or few, talent to limited group of fans for an intimate theater VIP experience)

One to One (1 to 1 VIP live video chat (like facetime), personalized talent video requests by fans, sent for download (like Cameo) )

VOD (Video on demand programming offered as bundle or micro pay)

If someone purchases a link to a livestream or VOD content, can they share it?

No, we have strict security that forces user to authenticate their account to prevent link sharing.