Tixr Play is a pay-per-view live video streaming and video on demand platform. The visual stream is seamlessly integrated into the Tixr platform and there is an easy flow for the fan from ticket purchase to video watching. 

What is it?

Tixr Play allows for a fan to purchase and view a live stream, VOD, or video chat all on one secure platform.  

Tixr Play provides secure viewing by making a stream, video, or chat viewable in a Tixr fan’s account. Media content is limited to a unique user on a single device.

Tixr Play integrates with Youtube, Vimeo, and LiveStream. Premium accounts might be necessary for full security as provider configuration varies

What is it not?

Tixr Play is not a live-streaming, VOD, or video chat platform. Media must be pushed from these types of platforms to Tixr through a seamless integration.

Tixr Play does not facilitate the “production” piece of the stream. A separate production or streaming software is required.

Tixr Play does not host media directly, it integrates with media platforms and can be considered a “skin” that provides a paywall and full security. 

Example 1: You are an artist, or represent an artist, and want to perform but are unable to do so in-front of a live  in-person audience.

Example 2: You want to offer virtual one on one experiences to fans