To build a Tixr Play event, you will follow the steps you would usually take to build a regular event:

Once you arrive at the Tickets section, you will follow the below steps:

1) Change the Ticket Category to Media

2) Set your Delivery Details

A) Use the drop-down to select Live Stream or Video on Demand

B) Select your Media Provider (Livestream, Vimeo, etc.)

C) Paste in your Media URL. This is the link to your video and can be found on your Media Provider page. 

I.e if you press "share" on your Vimeo video

D) Entering your Media ID is optional. It can assist in data tracking 

E) Select the date and time your video will be available to begin viewing 

F) Add in a Media Thumbnail. This will show on your event page if the video is not live yet and someone clicks the link. It will also show in the fan's "My Media" section. 

3) From here, you will continue editing and publishing your event as your normally would.