Tixr Door with Stripe: Restrictions

1) We cannot enforce a specific credit card brand (i.e. American Express) to be used during payment.

2) Stripe has minimum and maximum charge amounts. This could be a result of a ticket price being too low or the total price of the order being too low after applying a discount code.  Please reference this article from Stripe for more information.

Tixr Door with Stripe

Learn how to pair your Tixr Device to a Stripe Chipper Terminal and sell tickets to your event! 

1) Grab your Tixr Door Device and your Stripe Chipper Terminal

2) Login to Tixr Door

3) Press the gear icon to the left of the Events title to open the Stripe terminal settings

3) Tap the Discover Readers button

4) When the Discovery screen appears, press the power button on your Stripe Chipper Terminal and touch the phone to the Terminal

5) After a bit, the serial number of your Stripe Chipper Terminal will appear on the Discovery Screen. This serial number can be matched with the serial number at the bottom of your terminal. Tap the serial number on the screen to connect your terminal.

6) Confirm your pairing by viewing the 'connected' status in the terminal

7) Confirm your pairing by opening a stripe enabled event at the checkout screen of Tixr Door. Login to Tixr Door and sell a ticket. The checkout screen now reads Swipe / Insert / Tap