Customize the behavior of your tickets

1) Settings

**Note: These are all optional

A) Minimum: Set the minimum amount of tickets in this category that an order must contain

*This is optional 

B) Limit: Set the maximum number of tickets in this category that a single user can purchase

C) Tickets Per Sale: This is the number of PDF tickets to include with each purchase of the sale

*Usually you will keep this at "1". A example where you would change this would be if you are selling a VIP table for eight, and you wanted to give each of the eight guests unique PDF tickets

D) Ticket Multiple: Set the ticket multiple to the quantity of a ticket when a single user clicks to add to cart. (i.e If the ticket multiple is set to 2, then 2 tickets will be added to cart with a single click. If the ticket multiple is set to 4, then 4 tickets will be added to cart with a single click.) 

*This is optional

E) Admission Type: Select the admission type for your event and choose how your tickets will scan. Choose between One time entry (recommended for most events), One entry per day, Unlimited entries, Limited entries, and Entry Window. 

*If Entry Window is selected, insert the Entries Limit to assign the maximum number of entries allowed within the Entry Window.

F) Entry Time: Set an entry time for your ticket. The entry time will display on the PDF ticket and the confirmation email. 

*This is very useful for timed entry events, or if one of your tickets types (VIP) is allowed access to the venue earlier than another (GA) 

*If Entry Window is selected, insert the Entry Window Start Date and the Entry Window End Date. If fans have tickets that are confined to an entry window, their tickets will only be able to be scanned in during the time configured in Entry Window for the event and ticket type. If an Entry Window Grace Period is set, any ticket types configured under this Admission Type may be checked in before or after the set window of time. 

**Note: The entry time does not affect the time in which a ticket may be scanned.

G) Entry Label Override: Set the override on the entry label. If set, this is displayed on top of the PDF ticket. 

*This is optional

H) Successful Scan Color: Set a successful scan color for this ticket in Tixr Door to help your onsite staff. 

*i.e Have GA tickets scan in as Green and VIP tickets scan in as Purple.

2) Settings

I) Countdown Multiple: Set the countdown multiple for your ticket.

*This is optional

J) Threshold: Set an inventory threshold to display how many tickets are left for purchase. 

*This is optional

K) Sales Status Override: Set the sales status override for your event. Choose between Available Soon, Tickets Available at the Door, Free, Sold out, Sale Over, (Hide Sale), (Hide Sale when Sold Out), (Hide Sale when Sale Over), and (Hide on Sold Out or Sale Over) to mark the ticket type accordingly

* Hide sale is useful if you have already sold a ticket type but no longer want it to show on the Event page

L) Find More redirect URL: Place a URL in this field to display if tickets have reached zero inventory

M) Sent to Printer: Allows the sale to be printable at the Box Office Printer

N) Ticket Name Change: Allow fans to change the name on their ticket or not. Choose between Allow fan to edit name on ticket, Do not allow fan to edit name on ticket and Allow fan to edit name on ticket only once

O) Metadata: Insert any external information about this ticket category

**Note: This is used by only a few clients who have integrations with Tixr, such as Printful for merch.