View a report of customers that have already purchased tickets. 

1) Access Orders by clicking on Records in the Audience tab in the left navigation bar. From there, click on Records. 

This is your overview and we will breakdown all the details here:

A) Use this button to sync these orders to Mailchimp (if you have it connected). This will automatically create an audience list for you.

B) Click the Download icon to access the different reports you can download for this group of data.

2) Use the icons in each order's line to perform various actions. You can also see any altered status to the ticket such as "canceled" or "refunded."

A) Payment plan details. You will be able to see how many installments the customer has paid, and how many are left.

B) Resend tickets to customer.

C) Print options.

D: Email customer.

E) Refund order.

*You can issue a full or partial refund.

F) Cancel order.

*this order will go back into the inventory, but no money will go back to the customer.

3) Hover over the payment amount and it will turn blue. You can click on it to expand the order details. From here you can see the ticket detail within the orders and perform actions on that specific ticket.

4) Edit the name on a ticket: Click on the pencil icon to edit the name on any ticket within an order. 

*Please note: In order to be compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), it is no longer mandatory for users to enter last names when updating the name on a ticket or to require the collection of the first and last names of children under the age of 13. 

5) Search for orders using specific search criteria. You can search orders by filtering for order email, ID, status, or type; various customer data; ticket delivery, sale name, serial ID or tier name; payment data such as fraud type, last four digits of the fan's credit card, or payment method; reserved seating details such as section, row, seat, or seat label; promo code; and custom form responses.