View a comprehensive sales report of the number of tickets sold.

1) Click Analytics on the left had navigation bar and then click Reports. From there you will see the Sales header.

2) Click the down arrow to expand the report for a more detailed view.

3) At any point, you can use the Download or Filter icons in the top left to download a report for each line item or filter by date, event, or tag.

4) Make your way down the list under the Sales tab to view your overall finances by date, event, ticket, type, tier, Door user, and source.

5) Sales by Source is very handy for getting a quick look at how many of your sales come from various sources. You can use the down arrow to expand and see details such as which Rewards users are bringing in what revenue, which promo codes are performing the best, and which promoters are selling the most. 

Definition of Sources:

Direct: Tickets purchased directly from 

Door: Tickets purchased using Tixr's DOOR application (the event's sale type is DOOR) 

Promotion: Tickets purchased using promotional discount codes 

Rewards: Tickets purchased using rewards packages 

Affiliate: Tickets purchased using bounty vanity URLs 

Studio/Backstage: Tickets issues directly from studio users with appropriate access levels

Social: Tickets purchased when the user originates from social media pages/links
Referring Site: Tickets that have been purchased from event owner's website instead of

Organic: Tickets that are purchased from users who found events from search engines

Priority by Source:

1. Ticket Reservation

2. Rewards | Promoter

3. Promo Code

  a. Referral ID (Source)

  b. Promo Code (Source)

4. Affiliate

5. Referrer

6. Door

7. Direct | Organic | Social | Referring Site

8. Unknown