Once you have created your access list, you can send out your codes straight from the platform. 

1) Go to your main Access screen that displays your list(s) and click on the mail icon

2) Message: Enter the subject line and message that you would like your purchasers to receive along with their code

3) Click "Upload Emails" to upload a csv file of emails. When emails are uploaded via .csv, the system will generate unique access codes for each email. Once generated, you may send the email using the Send button at the top right. 

Note: When sending emails via the system, we do not we do not keep a history of which access code has been sent track to a specific fan.

Alternately, you may also directly download the access codes generated from the system using the download icon if you want to distribute the codes outside of Studio. Simply enter the number of codes you would like to create.

Note: Downloading access codes from the system or uploading emails will generate unique access codes.

4) To add emails manually, click "Add Email" to add emails one at a time. To edit an existing email, click the pencil icon. When you are done adding emails hit Send in the top right and you are set!