On-Premise Manual

For success with scanning day-of the event, first and foremost, three core infrastructural components need to be secured and tested: power, internet, and scanners.  Administrators then need to understand usage of Tixr Door for scanning and Tixr Studio for order administration (finding orders, refunding, manual check ins) and attendance reports.


iPods, iPhones, iPads, optionally with Infinite Peripherals scanners, are the required hardware to run Tixr Door, Tixr’s on-premise scanning and selling application.  It is vital that these scanners do not lose power for the duration of the event, regularly check the power and connect to external batteries where possible.  Also important is the presence of internet connectivity.  Finally, ensure that the latest version of Tixr Door is installed before any event. If renting from Choose2Rent, the latest versions of the apps should already be installed. 

iPods generally suffice for scanning while iPods with Linea Pros are used at night,  or at the box office for credit card sales. 

Scanner Procedure

  • Link ALL devices to ALL MiFi + Cradlepoint + Local WiFi routers
  • Install the latest versions of the Studio and Door apps from the Apple App Store (if not already installed)
  • Fully charge all devices at night, keep connected and *do not turn off*


  • To be used for all indoor or daytime scanning (via Camera)

  • Do not use when scanning is done in dark or poorly lit areas
    • Protip: bring QR code close to camera and pull back when scanning, DO NOT tap screen to focus.  Tap screen only once scan is complete to clear and begin scanning next QR code.

Linea Pro + Ipod

  • To be used strictly for all nighttime scanning (via Laser) or when scanning external barcodes

  • To be used for all RFID scanning and sales
  • To be used for all box office sales for credit card scanning


  • Check the iPod battery power by turning it on and looking in the upper right.
  • Check the Linea Pro battery power by clicking the button at the bottom of the device.  The number of green dots denote the power.  If no lights come on the device is dead.
  • Scan in some tickets to ensure scanning works
  • Purchase a ticket with credit card to ensure sales work (you can refund yourself on Studio)
    • Protip: If QR codes are on phones and not scanning make sure the device brightness is all the way up     


Scanners need to stay live for the duration of the event - they will stay live 10+ hours if charged the night before and connected to a battery pack day of the event. If no battery pack they’ll need to be swapped out when battery runs low.  MiFis, when fully charged, will last 12+ hours without need for charge. Cradlepoint LTE + Local WiFi routers will need to be connected to local power.

Local Power and Battery Power Procedure

Local Power

  • Connect a surge protector
  • Connect Cradlepoint LTE routers
  • Connect Local WiFi router

Battery Power

  • Ensure all battery packs are at full charge the night before
  • Connect all scanning devices to battery packs, or rotate out throughout the day


  • Make sure all batteries are fully charged and turned on during the event
  • Make sure all battery connected devices are actually powering
  • Make sure all cords are properly secured to the scanners, check that the charging light is on for each


Internet connectivity is key to ensuring security and reporting day of the event.  When possible, Ethernet-powered WiFi should be used as the primary connection.  Cradlepoint and MiFis on LTE should be used as backup in conjunction.  It is possible to run strictly on LTE but avoid when possible.  Also consider range - Cradlepoints and MiFis have less range than an Enterprise-grade WiFi router and support fewer simultaneous connections. Finally, all scanners should be setup with all available connectivity points.

Internet Procedure

  • Priority 1: Ethernet-powered WiFi
    • High speed, dedicated to ticketing, enterprise-grade router
    • Must be within 150 feet of scanners
  • Priority 2: Cradlepoint LTE (Verizon)
    • Backup per scanning location.  One per 32 devices per entrance
    • Must be within 150 feet of scanners
  • Priority 3: MiFi LTE (Verizon) 
    • Localized per scanning location.  One per 8 devices per entrance
    • Place in pocket or secure somewhere in near-proximity to scanners
    • Must be within 50 feet of scanners
    • Consider having a backup AT&T LTE hotspot as well
  • Protip: Tixr does support offline scanning but it’s meant to be used as a failsafe.

Internet Ranges   

  • Cradlepoint – max 32 devices – range up to 150ft
  • Verizon MiFi – max 8 devices – range up to 50 ft
  • T-Mobile MiFi – max 10 devices – range up to 50 ft


  • Make sure all devices are connected to all available connectivity points.  Choose2rent equipment will be pre-connected when rented as a package.  Local WiFi will still need to be connected.  Both should be tested.
  • Make sure the devices are in range of the WiFi. Once fully setup, do test scans to check connectivity.

Tixr Door

Tixr Door is the core on-premise application for all scanning and selling.  It is an iOS-only application at this time with both iPhone/iPod and iPad versions.

Tixr Door Procedure

  • Login (and click “Keep me logged in”)
  • Click on the Event  (If multiple groups, click on the group logo first)
  • Scan, Sell, and Configure your scanning by utilizing the icons in upper right of app
    • Scanning will be done by clicking the QR code icon 
    • Selling will be done by clicking the $ icon
    • Scanning Configuration can be done by clicking the check mark icon. From here you can configure which ticket types each device will be allowed to check in. For example, if you only want a specific device to only check in General Admission tickets, you would make sure all General Admission tickets are toggled on and all other ticket types toggled off.
  • Protip: Here is a visual printout with greater instructions for on-premise staff [download]
  • Important: Make sure to login and click on the event while you have internet connectivity if expecting any issues with internet on-premise.  You will not be able to login without internet connectivity but you can scan in without internet connectivity.

Tixr Studio

There should be a designated ticketing administrator on premise that uses Tixr Studio for any and all issues related to pre-purchased orders and coordinates attendance numbers with security and box office admins to optimize capacity utilization.

Tixr Studio Procedure

  • Open Tixr Studio
  • Login (and click “Keep me logged in”)
  • Click Records
    • Search by name, order ID or order status
    • Refund an order as needed
    • Expand an order and check in (or un-check) a ticket as needed
  • Click Reports
    • Click Attendance
    • View attendance in aggregate and by sale
    • Swipe down to update

Protip: Use an iPhone with LTE for Tixr Studio so that the administrator may roam

Protip: Always confirm both Order ID and Name when looking up orders

Equipment Rentals

Choose2Rent is Tixr’s preferred equipment rental partner.  Enjoy the lowest prices in the market and a turnkey system.  All LTE routers from Choose2Rent will be pre-connected to all scanners and the latest enterprise version of Tixr Door and Tixr Studio will come pre-installed on all scanners.

Available Equipment

  • Surge protectors (recommended)
  • MiFi + Cradlepoint (recommended)
  • Scanners (required)
  • Lanyards + Cases (included)
  • Battery packs (recommended)
  • Charging cables (included)