The Access section in Tools allows you to create locks for specific sales in any of your events. This feature displays on the Event page.

1) Click into Tools on the left navigation bar and then click on the Access icon

2) Use the blue "Create New Access List" to make a new list of codes, or click into any existing list.

3) Basics

A) Access list name: Create a name for your access list. This is just used for reference in Studio.

B) Start date: The date and time your sale will begin requiring an access code

C) End date: The date and time your sale will stop requiring an access code

*this is optional. To run indefinitely, leave blank 

D) Max use per code: Designate the number of times each individual code can be used to unlock a sale

(I.e if your loyalty list is 1200 people, you can set this at 1200)

*leave blank for unlimited uses

4) Codes: Click "Upload Codes" to upload a CSV file of unique codes or click "Add Code" to add a new code(s) one by one. You can click the pencil icon on any existing code to edit. 

When adding a new code, simply type in the code you would like purchasers to use and click "Add". You can click "Save + Add Another" to add the code, while keeping this window up for seamless adding of multiple codes.

5) Apply: 

A) Select an event to assign this list to:  Select any Event in your group whose sales you want to lock. 

*Be sure to click the blue plus icon to actually add the event.

B) Once you've added an Event, you can select which sales in the Event you want to lock from the dropdown. 

*You may lock multiple sales in any event and a single code from this Access list will unlock all sales selected.

Make sure to press save!