A Private Link allow you to create private online sales that are not visible on the event page. 

Example 1: You receive a request for a group purchase of 10 people that you have agreed to give a 10% discount to. Rather than issuing a promo code, or having the person purchase and then issuing them a partial refund, you can send them a Private Link with a custom ticket. This private ticket would include all 10 QR codes, and be set at the custom price you agreed upon. 

Example 2: You have VIP offerings that are custom created. The guest would email your support team with their party size and requirements, and you can send them their specially priced ticket. No one else would see this price or have access to this ticket.

Example 3: A guest purchases a GA ticket and decides a few weeks later that they want to upgrade to VIP. Rather than having them purchase a VIP ticket and then refunding their GA ticket, you can send them a Private Link for a custom VIP ticket that is priced at the difference between GA and VIP.