Private sales allow you to create online sales that are not visible on the event page. Private sales can be accessed and purchased through a private link, that you create in Studio. 

1) Create a Private Sale Ticket: Go to Events > Manage Event > Tickets

Create a new ticket with the Sale Type set to Private. This will hide the sale from the event page.

Private Tickets are denoted in the ticket list under the "Type" column.

2) Generate a Private Sale Link:  Click on the "..." on your Event Dashboard to get to Advanced Tools. From here, click the Private Link icon to generate a private sale link.

A) One-time use: Toggle ON/ OFF to select if this link if for one time use or for multiple. When ON, the link generated will only allow the ticket to be purchased once and therefore should be sent to one guest. When OFF, the private link generated can be used for purchase by multiple guests. 

B) Expiration: You can set how long you would like this link to be active for.

*If the guest does not open it in the set amount of time, you will have to generate a new link for them.

C) Sales: Select which ticket type you are generating this link for

*Only private tickets will show in this drop-down. 

3) Press Generate Link once you have created your settings and a link will appear for you to copy and share.