If you create a new ticket type after you have created and applied the promo, make sure you go back to apply it to the new tickets

Make sure to check the limits on max usages if you are running into error messages

Per ticket promo rules

If you have per ticket applied you will see Minimum, Maximum, and Multiples pop up. Example: This will allow you to have a 2 for 1 promo if you have a Minimum of 2 and a Maximum of 2 with a 50% discount. You can also set multiples, so if you have promos for groups of 5 it will be applied automatically. 

Duplicate Promos by event

If you are running a promotion that spans multiple days or events, you are able to duplicate events with existing promo codes already applied. 

Once you have created a Promo code and applied the codes to your event, click duplicate event and the option to toggle existing promotions and rewards will appear. Leave the toggle set to YES to duplicate existing promotions in your new event, or set the toggle to NO duplicate your event without existing promotions.