You can add pixels from a variety of providers to track data such as page views and conversions.

1) Click on the blue "Add Tracking" to add a new pixel, or click the pencil icon to edit an existing pixel


2) Add tracking

A) Name: Here you will label your tracking pixel. This is so you can keep track of it internally

B) Expiration Date: This is not required, but if you would like to have an expiration date on this tracking pixel you can choose a date and time. 

C) Target: Choose which Groups/Events you would like this pixel to track. You can choose Group Page Only, All Events excluding Group Page, All Events and Group Page OR you can customize it. 

D) Provider: Choose which provider you will be tracking with this pixel installment. AdRoll, AdStage, Facebook, Generic, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, etc. 

E) ID: You will need to retrieve the ID from whichever provider you are using.

F) Type: You will need to select the type of tracking you would like to implement. All tracking, Both page views and conversions, Enhanced E-commerce, Page Views, etc.

G) Parameters: Variables can be used to customize the parameters. Enter "::" for a list of available variables. *Parameters are most commonly used when Generic provider is selected. 

Click the blue "+ Add Tracking" button to install your pixel. 

After pixels are added, they can be viewed and managed at any time by going to Groups > Manage Tracking.