Waitlist orders can be found in the Records section of Audience and work in a similar way to Orders. You can see order and audience details, export data, cancel requests, and fulfill them.

1) Go to Audience and click on Records.

2) Click on the Waitlist tab to view your Waitlist requests.

3) Search for orders using specific search criteria. You can search orders by filtering for order email, ID, or status; various customer data; ticket delivery, sale name, or tier name; payment data such as last four digits of the fan's credit card or payment method; promo code; and custom form responses.

4) Fulfilling waitlist orders

    A) Process Waitlist: This will process all requests. Remember that there must be inventory available in order to fulfill waitlist orders.

    B) Click the credit card icon to manually fulfill Waitlist requests.

Once fulfilled, all information will be moved over to the Orders tab. You can find out more about Records here.