You can turn on/off the Waitlist from your Event Dashboard under Advanced Tools. You will be able to edit the Waitlist copy and manage the Waitlist settings here as well. 

1) Click into Advanced Tools

2) Click into Waitlists

3) Toggle "Enable Waitlist" ON. Enabling the Waitlist will activate the below features:

4) Set your Waitlist policy using the below features:

A) All tickets waitlist eligible: If toggled ON, Waitlist will apply to all tickets in that event. If toggled OFF, you can select which ticket types you would like to apply Waitlist to. Once toggled OFF, navigate to the Tickets section in the upper left corner to select eligible ticket types. 

*Any ticket type not selected will default to Sold Out once sold out. 

B) Lock waitlist once started: If toggled ON, the sale will never become available again, regardless of how many people are in the Waitlist or how many tickets in inventory. Essentially, once it goes into Waitlist mode, it will stay there. If toggled OFF, the sale will open back up if inventory becomes available and there is nobody in the Waitlist.

C) Allow multiple sales per order: If toggled ON, available tickets can be added to a Waitlist order. If OFF, available tickets must be purchased separately and only one waitlisted ticket type is allowed per order.

*Example: Your event has single-day passes and 3-day passes. If this feature is ON, you can add both to your order. If this feature is off, you can only add one of these tickets to your order.

D) Max number of waitlist orders: If there is a limit to the number of Waitlist orders for this Event, enter it here. This can be left blank if there is no limit. The ticket type will show Sold Out when the limit has been reached.

E) Default expiration window: This is the number of days before the Event that the waitlist will expire. At this date, all Waitlist orders will automatically expire and will not be fulfilled. 

*We suggest a default of at least 2 days prior to the Event to prevent fans from receiving tickets without sufficient time to get to the Event.

F) Expiration reference point: This is the date that your expiration window refers to. It can either be X amount of days before the Event Start Date, or X amount of days before the Event End Date

G) Fulfillment: You can select Automated or Manual from this drop down. Automated will automatically fulfill orders on the scheduled run times as long as there is available inventory (run times will be in your current time zone and are at 4am, 4pm and 10pm EDT or at 1am, 1pm and 7pm PDT). Manual will set orders to only be fulfilled manually by you, it will ignore run times.

H) Respect delivery method: Select from the dropdown whether you would like to respect the current delivery method for that ticket (electronic, shipping, or will call), make all Waitlist tickets Will Call, or make only tickets with a shipping setting Will Call tickets.

5) Describe to your audience what this Waitlist feature is and how works for them. We have default text that you can leave as is, add to, or replace entirely.