The Waitlist system allows fans to add themselves to a first come first serve waitlist for a sold-out or high demand event by pre-authorizing their credit cards. If the Waitlist is on, when a ticket type sells out, the Waitlist will automatically fulfill the next order on the waitlist. Orders are automatically fulfilled if more inventory becomes available.

Waitlist can also be used as a type of crowdfunding for events. As artists or event organizers try to gauge demand, fans can demand that event by pre-authorizing an order to purchase tickets, in hopes it will indeed take place. 

With Waitlist, fans now have a chance to get tickets to their favorite events that sell out, without having to continuously check back for available tickets and without being forced to buy through second parties. Fans also have the opportunity to demand events they would like to attend. Event organizers now have the ability to guarantee sales to fans when increasing inventory, and can precisely gauge demand for future events.

Example 1: Sold Out Events- Generate immediate sales once inventory is added, build your database, and understand true demand by capturing all fans that want to attend, not only those that purchased.

Example 2: Allocation Sales- Build a Waitlist beyond your allotted inventory. Leverage the waitlist to add new shows, demand an additional allotment, or simply build your database.

Example 3: On-Sales- Run your entire on-sale in waitlist and let fans dictate the optimal tour routing by joining the Waitlist for a potential show in their city. When an event hits critical mass or is confirmed, add the inventory and instantly convert the waitlist into revenue.