Setting up your Payment Plans

Important: Your Group must have the payment plan feature enabled and you may choose to add the optional features to add your own payment plan fee and the Tixr payment plan fee.

  1. Access payment plan setup: Click payment on the left navigation bar to manage your payment plan settings
  2. Enable payment plans: Toggle payment plans ON or OFF
  3. Required at checkout: Make payment plans optional or required at checkout
  4. Last day to begin plan: Set the last day for customers to begin their payment plan. After this date and time has passed, customers will no longer be eligible for the payment plan option at checkout. We recommend the date to be at least one month prior to your full balance due date. 
  5. Full balance due date: Set the full balance due date for your payment plan. Customers will receive their ticket confirmation at this date and time. We recommend setting the full balance due date at least 2 weeks before the date of your event. Note: This setting is also used to determine the number of the installment payments required.
  6. Down payment %: Set a down payment percentage. You may set the downpayment as low as 5% and up to 60%. The downpayment percentage is the amount of the total order to be collected as a down payment when beginning a payment plan. This amount must cover the cost of all of the fees associated with the payment plan. Note: If the sum of all fees and taxes is greater than 95% of the down payment then an additional 5% is added to ensure Stripe processing fees are covered. The Stripe processing fee is not known at the time of purchase, it is known post purchase. So we add 5% to ensure we cover their fee in the downpayment.
  7. Minimum order total: Set a minimum order total to qualify for payment plan.