Design is where you will upload the images for your event page (excluding Collection images and individual ticket images).

*Ticket images here

Design Asset Sizing

Flyer: 550 x 770 px 

(This image displays to the left of the ticket picker when using Flyer view)

Mobile Flyer: 640 x 359 px 

(This image is displayed on the group page in Flyer view and when sending a link to the event via mobile)

Desktop Background: 1440 x 900 px 

(This is the background image for Flyer, Immersive, and Collection view)

Mobile Background: 640 x 720 px 

(This image appears at the top of the event page on mobile for Flyer, Immersive and Collection view)

Event Logo: 400 x 200 px 

(This logo is displayed to the left of the ticket picker when using Immersive or Collection view. It's best to use a transparent background)

Collection: 324 X 170 px 

(Collection images display your tickets in easy-to-manage groups on your event page. It's best to use an image that reflects the category they are representing. For example, audience images for general admission and tents for camping packages)

Designing your event

1) Select an event layout: Choose from three different event page layouts to fit the look and feel of your event; Collection, Flyer, and Immersive views.

Collection Layout: Collection view organizes multiple ticket types into different categories for better purchase navigation. This layout is recommended when the event has more than 5 ticket types. In this view, the event logo is displayed over the event information and collection images. Once a collection is selected, the ticket types within the collection will appear and can be selected to add to cart.

*Note: Collections are created outside of event management in the Collections section of Tools.

Flyer Layout: Flyer layout displays the event flyer image aligned to the left of the standard ticket picker. Event information is displayed above the ticket picker.

Immersive Layout: Immersive layout displays the event logo aligned to the left of the standard ticket picker, above the event information. 

*Note: If an event logo is not added, the event name will appear in plain text.

2) Select a theme: Use the drop-down to select Dark or Light theme for your event page. Dark theme will provide a dark background with light text, while Light theme will provide a light background with dark text.

3) Background Contrast: Use the drop-down to adjust the background contrast of your event (in increments of 5%). 0% will show no contrast on your event background image, while 100% will show full contrast on your background image.

4) Media: Add images and a video to your event page.

A) Click on each box to upload the respective images. Once you have uploaded your image, you will see an edit icon; this allows you to crop your uploaded images to your desired size and aspect ratio. (File types accepted: .png, .jpg.)

B) Add a video by pasting the YouTube URL here. 

*Note: If your YouTube cover image appears gray, make sure your cover image is less than 2 MB in size (this is set in YouTube). The resolution for your YouTube thumbnail image should be 1280x720 (minimum 640 pixels). Click here for additional help with YouTube cover images.

C) Upload images to your event page gallery. 

D) Upload external images if you are populating an external website via the Tixr API.

5) Location: Configure the layout for how you would like your event's location displayed on the event page.

Show Map will display the location of the venue, which is pulled from Google Maps and based on the venue address.

Show Text will display only text. This could be a physical address or something custom (ie. Your Computer).

Hide Location will completely remove this section from your Event Page.