In the Content section, you can edit the copy that appears on your event page, .pdf tickets, and confirmations. 

1) Description: The event description shows on your event page just below the fold. This should include relevant information about your event, i.e: event background, special instructions, and what the event entails.

*Character limit: 18000

2) Legal: Update the terms and conditions for your event. This will be displayed at the bottom of the event page, as well as on the .pdf tickets. This should include your purchase policy.

  • If your terms and conditions exceed ___ characters, you will need to choose the option "Separate Terms & Conditions presented on ticket as presented online" from the dropdown at the top. A condensed version will need to be used for the Ticket, as there is limited space on the .pdf. 
  • If your terms and conditions exceed ___ characters, you will need to link out to them on a separate page.

    *Note: Default terms and conditions will be presented if you do not have custom language.

*Character limit: Ticket & Online: 2000 ; Ticket: 2000 ; Online: 15000

3) Confirmation: Update the content that will be displayed on the checkout confirmation page and in the confirmation email.

*Note: Confirmation language is optional, but recommended to call out additional information such as a thank you note or special event instructions.

*Character limit: Checkout: 1000; Email: 10000

4) Add-ons: Update the text displayed to the fan when offering add-on tickets.

  • This text will appear during the purchase flow when add-on selections are presented. 
  • For example: "Would you like to add accommodations?"

    *Note: This is only applicable when using add-on tickets.

*Character limit: 1000

5) Printing: Add additional text to printed receipts if you will be printing tickets.

  • If you're printing QR codes with receipts on-site, via Bluetooth printers, custom text can be added to the printed receipts. This section is not applicable otherwise.

*Character limit: 2500

6) Mail: If you have enabled shipping as a delivery method for your tickets and will be sending tickets to your fans via mail, you can customize the text on your order confirmation printout.

*Character limit: 1000

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