When you log into Studio, Events is the first section you will see. From here you can manage your events, find shortcuts to data, download event information, and create new events. 

1) Event Card: (Manage Event, Analytics, Audience, Advanced) - Shortcut icons to Manage Event, Analytics, Audience, and Advanced Tools.

2) Sales Summary: This is a snapshot of your ticket quantity and your waitlist quantity 

3) Net Profit: This is a snapshot of your Net profit form ticket sales. You can also see pending Waitlist Revenue.

4)  Shortcut links:

  • Open Event Page to take you directly to your page
  • Copy Full Event Link copies the full event link to your clipboard
    • The full event link should be used whenever possible, to ensure proper tracking
  • Copy Short Event Link copies a shortened Event link, which can be used for social media purposes
  • Open Ticket Preview will show a preview of your PDF tickets
  • Duplicate Event copies everything over from your current event into a new one. Learn more here.
  • Advanced Tools
    • Manage Internal Tickets, Waitlist settings, applied Promotions, applied Rewards, Ticket Activation, External Ticket uploads, Door Configuration, and Private Link creation.
    • Learn more about Advanced Tools here.


5) Download: Download your event details into a csv.

  • Download the Events Report (Basic) which allows you to comprehensively view all of your Event and ticket details from a high level perspective or download the Events Report (Detailed) which allows you to comprehensively view all of your Event and ticket details at a granular level
  • *This is a great tool to ensure that all event details are correct

6) Live: Filter between Live, Unpublished, and Past events.

  • Unpublished events are saved drafts that have not yet been published
  • Once an event date passes, events will live under the Past events tab


7) Add Event: Create a new event.

View Sales Summary

Hovering over the Sold number will give you a sales summary of tickets sold out of remaining inventory. 

    *Note: The Sold number does not include refunded, canceled, or disputed orders.