Edit your group settings at any time. 

1) Select Group

Click the dropdown in the top left of the screen to expand your groups and select the Manage Group icon.

*Note: Groups can only be managed by users with Master account access. Once changes are made to a group, the "Save & Publish" button must be selected for changes to be reflected.

2) Basics

A) Enter group name: This is the name of your company, venue, artist tour, or event title. Your Group name will only be visible to users associated with the Group.

B) Enter subdomain: This is your Tixr "homepage" that will list all of your events. Ex: NAME.tixr.com

*Note: The subdomain cannot be changed once created.

C) Event Category: Specify the type of events that will be hosted by this Group. This is especially important for "Festival" and "Music" events, as those categories signal to our syndication partners (like Songkick and Bandsintown) to pick up your music events.

D) Time Zone: This is the default time zone of the group. Event-based dates will always follow the time zone of the event venue location. This time zone setting is for reports and group level settings. 

    *Note: Time zone settings can always be adjusted in an individual's profile settings, if preferences are different         than the group default.

E) SEO: Enter words or phrases related to your group and events to enhance your SEO. No more than 10-20 keywords are recommended here.

3) Settings

A) All-In Pricing: This feature can be toggled on or off. If on, all taxes and fees are included in the price of the ticket on the event page and will not be broken out at checkout. The price of the ticket on the event page will be the final price. 

B) Add-on Sold Out Behavior: If you have an add-on ticket that is sold out, you can choose to hide it completely, or have it show as "sold out"

C) Security Settings: Select your password security settings.

D) Shipping: Set shipping settings, if shipping physical goods.


Select the countries you will offer shipping to.

American Territories

Activate if any of your events will take place outside of the United States, but in an American territory.

Will call for international 

Activate to send all international orders to will call.

Billing/Shipping match 

Activate if you wish to require the billing address to match the shipping address for an order to be processed.

3) Design

A) Event layout: Specify whether you would like your Group Page to be in a calendar view, flyer view, or list view. 

  • Calendar view will display all of your upcoming events chronologically by start date within a calendar format.
  • Flyer Carousel view will display each event's flyer image horizontally in a rotating view
  • Flyer Grid view will display the event flyer image and organize your events within a grid format 
  • List view will organize all upcoming events in a vertical list, organized from top to bottom by start date

B) Theme: Use the dropdown to select Dark or Light theme for your Group page.

C) Hero Title: This text will be displayed under your Here Logo (optional)

D) Logo Image: This image will always display in the top left corner of your group page, as well as on every event page within the group.

    Hero Logo Image: This image will display over your group background image. This should be a transparent png.

    Background Image: This image will appear as the background of your group’s main page on Tixr.com.

E) Description: Write a description of your group. This will display on your Group Page below the group background image and listed events. 

4) Integrations: Connect your Google Analytics and Mailchimp accounts for advanced reporting and seamless marketing. Activate and enter your Google Analytics ID to receive detailed source reports and user data. Enter your Mailchimp API key to seamlessly integrate your Mailchimp account.

5) Users: Using the template, upload a CSV file of names and emails. You can also add users one by one with the "Add User" button. Once you click "+Add User" and publish your changes, the user will receive an invitation to Tixr Studio.

A) Access Level: Select the level of access you wish to assign to a new user. Click here for more details on each user access level. 

B) Email: Enter the email address of the new member.